Vehicle Diagnostics and Car Servicing in Witney | High-Quality Car Repairs at a Competitive Price

Your vehicle undergoes various strains while moving you from A to B. Under such intensity, the need for car repairs is often more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if’. When this happens, it’s a great idea to contact the most professional engineers in your local area. Our Witney-based garage carries out reliable car servicing, MOT testing, DPF cleaning and comes fully equipped with the latest in vehicle diagnostics.

Please call 01993 772136 to talk through your needs or to book your car in for servicing or MOT preparation. Below, we discuss just a few of the most common issues that we encounter as an independent garage.

Don’t forget that we are also here to help with a full range of car body repairs. Our workshop in Witney can provide local and regional motorists with all of the following:‍

  • Accident Repairs

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Flat or Punctured Tyres

Whether you regularly take to the motorway or stick to the back streets of the Witney area, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll one day experience either a flat or punctured tyre. After all, tyres remain in constant contact with the road. Our engineers can deliver wheel replacements as part of a robust car repairs service and can align your wheels for a smooth, safer driving experience.

We inspect the condition of your tyres during car servicing and MOT testing. Should you come to us for MOT pre-checks, then we can provide new tyres of the finest quality to help you pass the first time.

Clutch Issues

If your clutch begins to stick or slip, then you may need car repairs sooner rather than later. Potential problems include grinding, screeching, and you may even have issues when attempting to change gears. Based in Witney and serving drivers from the neighbouring regions, we work on everything from clutch cables and hydraulic lines to master clutch cylinders and linkages.

Our experts make use of the latest vehicle diagnostics equipment to communicate with your vehicle. This allows them to gain a full understanding of any issues and carry out car repairs without delay.

Engine Trouble

Have you noticed a strange knocking sound coming from under the hood? Alternatively, you might have noticed decreased performance, or increased emissions coming from your vehicle’s tailpipe. If these symptoms sound familiar, then our team in Witney will be thrilled to assist. We can also conduct DPF cleaning to remove the trapped soot that threatens your car’s fuel economy.

At Mac’s Garage in Witney, we assist drivers with full and interim car servicing, MOT testing, car repairs and more besides. Known for a blend of reliability and customer care, we can advise on any measures your vehicle needs for the ultimate drive.

Brake Pad Wear & Tear

When you visit us for car servicing in Witney, we can provide a full check of your vehicle’s brake pads. Grinding sounds, clicking and bizarre vibrations are all signs that you need new pads and may lead to trouble stopping in emergency situations. You might encounter a problem the next time you take your car into a garage for MOT testing.

Our engineers can install new brake pads and other components at a cost-effective rate, making your driving experience more responsive and safer as a result.

Please speak with us for the following services in Witney and the surrounding locations:‍

  • Vehicle diagnostics and car repairs
  • Interim and full car servicing
  • DPF cleaning and exhaust work
  • Puncture repairs and new tyres
  • Repairs to the air conditioning
  • Cambelt replacement work
  • Welding, fluid changes and more

Remember that we also have a full supporting range of car body repairs available. At Mac’s Garage, we know how important it is to have all of the services you need in one place. Our team is ready and waiting to assist with all of your needs.