Full and Interim Car Servicing in Witney and Oxfordshire

Why should you pay main dealership prices when you can visit us for car servicing at an independent rate? Fully qualified and with a superb reputation in the Oxfordshire region, our engineers pay close attention to detail at every stage for your peace of mind. Whether you drive a Fiesta in Witney or an Aston Martin, we keep you safe on the road while maintaining your existing warranty.

Mac’s Garage is known for a service that rivals, and in many ways exceeds, that of the primary dealerships. Because we stick to official schedules and use only manufacturer parts, your vehicle remains in the best condition possible. We also stamp your servicing book for your official records.

Visit our family-run workshop to receive the following benefits:

  • A friendly service with a welcoming approach
  • An interim car service to ensure your safety
  • Full car servicing for an in-depth inspection
  • Oil and filter changes to prevent future issues
  • Manufacturer parts for a protected warranty
  • A reliable team with vehicle diagnostic tools
  • Assistance and advice for any potential issues

Our workshop in Witney undertakes car servicing for motorists from all walks of life. If you drive in the surrounding areas, please call us on 01993 772136.

Car Servicing | Keeping Your Vehicle Safe on the Road

Interim and full car servicing are important for the long-term health of your vehicle, especially after three years of use. Not only do they ensure your van or car remains in great condition, but they also prevent clutch slippage, wear in the brake pads and issues arising from contaminated oil. In turn, this reduces the chance of a major breakdown at the worst possible time.

Interim Car Servicing – Sometimes referred to as a ‘minor service’, interim servicing is typically carried out for every six thousand miles driven, or once every six months. Sometimes, our customers in Witney and Oxfordshire choose to visit us for servicing on a more regular basis.During the interim service, our engineers will top-up your fluids, test your brakes and tyres and carry out a multi-point inspection complete with a detailed report.

Full Car Servicing – Also known as a ‘major’ service, full servicing includes everything from the interim service with a number of additional inspections. This comprehensive service should be performed annually or for every twelve thousand miles driven. From the brakes and wheel bearings to the radiator, clutch and cooling fan, we check a wide variety of components for potential faults and advise on any necessary repairs.

Oil and Filter Changes – Did you know that ageing oil can result in friction, sludge, and overheating in your engine? The filter plays an important role in maintaining circulation and oil quality, so any issues relating to dirt and debris can also have a dramatic impact. By coming to us for oil and filter changes, your vehicle receives the best care possible and remains roadworthy with an effective lubricant.

Mac’s Garage performs full and interim car servicing for all makes and models seen in the Witney and Oxfordshire areas. Our time-served engineers provide a welcoming service, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.