Quick, Reliable Car Repairs in Witney and Oxfordshire

As a family-run workshop with over 75 years of shared experience, Mac’s Garage has a reputation for performing high-quality car repairs. Whether you drive a Ford in Witney or a Ferrari, we install the components you need to enjoy a safe, smooth and satisfying drive. All parts fitted come fitted by the trained technicians and with manufacturer warranties firmly in place.

When you notice a problem with your vehicle, you can either choose to visit our independent garage or contact us for pick-up and delivery at your chosen location. We undertake car repairs as quickly as possible, but can also provide a courtesy car should you need a vehicle right away.

Mac’s Garage offers the following and more as part of a reliable car repair service:

  • Exhaust work, tyre replacements and bodywork
  • Repairs to your vehicle’s air conditioning system
  • Clutch repairs and brake pad replacements
  • Cam belts, engine repairs and gearbox rebuilds
  • The use of cutting-edge vehicle diagnostic tools
  • All other car repairs for modern and classic cars
  • Genuine parts complete with meaningful warranties

Based in Witney, our engineers welcome motorists from all over Oxfordshire. Please call 01993 772136 for car repairs at a competitive rate.

Car Repairs | Restoring Your Vehicle for a Safe, Enjoyable Drive

Be it a loss of power, bizarre sounds or a lack of performance, any car trouble you experience can lead to a great deal of stress. By speaking with us for car repairs, however, you can expect to get back on the road without concern. Our engineers deliver fast repairs using proven techniques and operate vehicle diagnostics to pinpoint the issue.

Tyre Replacement – Because your vehicle’s wheels are in constant contact with the ground, you could experience a puncture or loss of pressure at any time. Mac’s Garage can provide quality tyres renowned for their durability and can also perform wheel balancing for a safe, comfortable drive.

Brakes – If the pedals begin to vibrate or suffer from a lack of firmness, then it could be a sign of worn brake pads or an issue with the brake lines. Your safety behind the wheel is our paramount concern, so we deliver the car repairs you need for reduced stopping distance.

Bodywork – With a passion for welding, we can rectify any issues with your car’s bodywork to give it the best chance possible at passing its MOT. This includes working on everything from wing mirrors to door trims and operating with a safety-first approach at every stage.

Clutches – Slow acceleration may be a sign of clutch slippage; indicating a problem that needs a professional mechanic. Likewise, strange transmission sounds could indicate an issue with the clutch disc or hydraulics. We work on everything from clutch cables to linkages and cylinders so your car can change gear effectively on the road.

Engine Repairs and More – Does your vehicle in Witney or the surrounding areas stall or lose power altogether? As the very heart of your car or van, the engine deserves the very best care possible. We inspect for damage in the radiator, water pump or rocker cover gasket and carry out all manner of car repairs at an affordable price.

Mac’s Garage provides everything your vehicle needs to run smoothly. Our team can repair the vast majority of makes and models, and also conducts DPF cleaning, MOT testing and more besides.