Vehicle Diagnostics in Witney and Oxfordshire

Whether you have a problem with your car’s transmission, experience trouble with the brakes or notice performance issues, visit our independent garage for a reliable service. We use cutting-edge technology to communicate with your vehicle and will discuss any concerns with you in detail. The safety of road users in Witney and Oxfordshire is our paramount concern, so we carry out vehicle diagnostics to ensure your car or light van is safe to drive on the road ahead.

It’s our mission to conduct a dealership-quality service at an affordable price. From fuel injectors to carburettors, our engineers know their stuff. We have a deep understanding of vehicle components and will be thrilled to restore your car to a roadworthy state.

By visiting our friendly workshop, you receive the following benefits and more:

  • A welcoming approach and the advice you need
  • The use of advanced vehicle diagnostics tools
  • A fast, efficient service performed while you wait
  • Troubleshooting, inspections and car servicing
  • Dealing with minor and complex jobs alike
  • Car repairs undertaken using only genuine parts

Situated in Witney, Mac’s Garage welcomes motorists from all over Oxfordshire. Please call 01993 772136 to discover more about vehicle diagnostics or to discuss our reliable car pick-up and delivery service.

Vehicle Diagnostics | Stop Growing Issues in Their Tracks

Is your vehicle warning light causing you to fret? Allow our engineers to diagnose the issue with pinpoint accuracy. Not only does our state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostics equipment help to remove stress; it makes the entire process quicker, easier, and eliminates the guesswork.

How It Works

Modern vehicles include on-board computers to control various elements such as engine temperature and emission levels. When a problem occurs, you can expect to see the dashboard warning light come on, but any further details will likely remain a mystery – this is where a member of our team can assist. We plug our advanced vehicle diagnostics tools into your car’s ECU, which then brings up an error code confirming the problem.

By communicating with the ECU in this way, we work to repair your car sooner rather than later and save you time as a result. Our team is skilled at making sense of the necessary live data and can explain, in clear terms, what the issue is and how to rectify it.

The First Choice for a Comprehensive Check

You don’t need a large dealership when your warning light indicates a cause for concern. Our family-run independent garage has a reputation for troubleshooting vehicles of all makes and models and continues to welcome drivers from across Witney and the Oxfordshire region. We utilise the finest vehicle diagnostics tools on the market today and actively work to prevent breakdowns on the road.

Please contact a member of our team for fault-finding, car repairs, MOT testing and more besides. We come fully insured for your confidence and can improve your vehicle’s performance for a more enjoyable drive.