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Fast and Efficient Car Repairs and Servicing in Witney

Cars are complicated machines, and there’s a lot that can go wrong them. When in trouble, you want to be able to call in reputable, trustworthy experts who will conduct fast and efficient car repairs at competitive, fair prices.


Our garage in Witney ticks all these boxes and more. On this page we’ve run through a few of the most common issues that our customers come to us with.

Common Car Issues in Witney





It’s almost inevitable you’ll experience a flat tyre at some point during your life. It can be frustrating, but it needn’t be expensive to get it repaired or replaced. Our garage’s broad range of car repairs includes puncture repair and wheel replacement. We can replace your tyre with something to suit your budget; we won’t force premium new tyres on you if you’re happy with purchasing economy ones. We will also balance and align your wheels to ensure your driving experience is as pleasurable and safe as possible.





One of the most common problems with clutches is the friction material on their pads wearing out. An obvious sign this has occurred is when the clutch starts to slip. You will require clutch repairs, but don’t fret. It’s a simple and cheap procedure if you use our Witney garage.

Another issue that clutches can suffer from is sticking. This can prevent your car from going into gear, cause grinding or damage your vehicle’s input shaft. This issue can be caused by a number of malfunctions, and common clutch repairs we carry out to stop sticking include fixing:


  • Clutch Cables
  • Slave Clutch Cylinders
  • Master Clutch Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • Linkages
  • Miscellaneous Clutch Components





When you come in for car servicing at our Witney garage, we’ll make sure that your brake pads haven’t worn down to a dangerous level. But it may be that you haven’t invested in car servicing for a little while, and have noticed one of the following signs: your brake pedal is vibrating, you can hear a clicking, screeching or grinding sound, or your car is “pulling”. This latter term means that your vehicle is pulling toward one side of the road when you’re driving straight ahead.  If you do notice any of these signs, it’s important to bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic for brake repairs, like ours in Witney. Worn brake pads can make it a lot harder for your vehicle to stop in both every-day and emergency situations. It can also mean that next time you come in for MOT testing, you fail! We will employ our cutting-edge vehicle diagnostics tools and know-how to find the issue and quickly, inexpensively solve it.





The engine is the beating heart of a car, and just like in a human it needs to be kept healthy. There are a few ways to accomplish this. Engine tuning can improve the performance of your vehicle significantly. Our mechanical experts will tweak the inner workings of your vehicle’s engine, ensuring everything is running optimally.  Then there’s engine remapping, which sees us modify your engine control unit, changing default settings to ones that are less inhibitive. Engine remapping and engine tuning are both fantastic services when it comes to getting your engine operating at maximum efficiency. But engine difficulties sometimes happen, and when they do – our Witney based experts in car repairs can conduct vehicle diagnostics and get to work getting you back on the road. So whatever it is you require, whether it be car servicing, MOT testing, brake repairs or clutch repairs – give us a call.

You can reach Mac’s Garage, Witney’s car servicing experts, on 01993 772 136.