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Quality Garage Services for Witney Drivers

Whether you’re in a brand new car and your next test is three years away, or an older car and it’s on the horizon, bringing your vehicle into a car garage for an MOT can be an ominous thought. While MOT preparation can help take the stress out of the process, it’s still important to invest in regular servicing from a reputable garage services company like ours in Witney. Testing at our MOT garage is like a basic check-up at the GP, ensuring everything is in running order and isn’t on the cusp of breaking down.


However, a service ensures your car is kept “fighting fit” and ready to take on the rigours we put our vehicles through. In this blog post, we’ve looked to explain how regular car servicing can not only extend your vehicle’s lifespan, but also add value to it at the point of resale.



Why Regular Servicing Can Improve Upon a Pass from Our MOT Garage


As we are all aware, an MOT is the basic legal requirement to ensure your car is safe to continue its life on the roads of Witney. Without a pass certificate within the past 12 months, your insurance could be invalidated and you could be fined over £1,000.


However, while an MOT states that everything works, it does not guarantee that your car is performing to the best of its ability. That’s where our premier vehicle servicing comes into play, just one of the many garage services that Mac’s offer here in Witney.


For instance, our MOT garage may give your brakes a passing grade, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a year’s worth of motoring left in your brake parts. An MOT test may bring these issues to your attention with advisory notices; however, with regular car garage servicing, you can pre-empt any issues coming up.


By nipping these in the bud, and by undertaking some basic MOT preparation ahead of visiting our car garage in Witney, you can enjoy your drive for longer, rather than letting stresses and strains get the best of your car’s key components.



Car Garage Services Can Add Value to Your Vehicle


Car servicing helps you to identify and see to problems before you find yourself with a failed MOT and a huge bill for retesting and repairs. Standard servicing elements, such as the replacement of air and oil filters, are unlikely to crop up in MOT preparation. Yet these are vital factors which can improve the fuel economy and power of cars. This saves our Witney customers money at the pump and enhances vehicle longevity.


Another reason for investing in a service from our car garage in Witney is when you are thinking about changing your vehicle. A recent bill of service can add value to your car in today’s competitive second-hand market. Whereas a pass from an MOT garage shows the Witney motorist has met the “bare minimum” MOT preparation requirements, displaying a car has had regular garage services demonstrates that the vehicle has been treated well.


Our 40 years of experience in the MOT garage industry has shown us that second-hand buyers in Witney prefer their purchase to be passed on in the best shape possible. It shows that it will remain roadworthy for some time to come, meaning they are getting better value for money as issues are less likely to appear imminently.


Call Mac’s Garage (Witney) Ltd on 01993 772 136 to discuss our garage services, or to book an appointment for MOT testing.