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MOT Preparation: Get Your Car Ready for Testing in Carterton

Even in tranquil Carterton, MOT preparation can be a stressful time for any driver. Even if you feel you’ve taken care of your car over the past year (or the previous three if this is your car’s first MOT), 40% of British cars fail an MOT test at a car garage. Without a certificate from a local car garage, you won’t be able to receive a tax disc, your car insurance will not be valid and, if caught without certification, you could be fined up to £1,000.


Fortunately, the MOT garage technicians here at Mac’s Garage (Witney) Ltd can help you through a few easy steps to get your car ready for its annual examination to ensure it is roadworthy and meets environmental and safety standards. This is all part of a range of wider garage services that are designed to make life easier for Carterton motorists.



  • Check that the vehicle identification number is visible, you have all the keys (including the petrol cap if applicable) and that you have sufficient fuel.

  • If your lights are dimmed or not working, bulb replacement is just one of many MOT garage services we provide. You should also ensure that your headlight adjusters are set to ‘0’ before a test. Check with our MOT preparation specialists, who are located in Witney near Carterton, if you’re unsure of how to do this.

  • Check the tyres for damage as part of your MOT preparation work and ensure that they have at least a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

  • Wiper blades may need to be replaced. If they do, visit our car garage near Carterton. We sell both wiper blades and screen wash. It’s always worth ensuring your screen wash reservoir is topped up before testing.

  • Check your oil levels. Oil top-ups are another one of the many car garage services Mac’s provides for road users in the Carterton area.

  • Check there are no cracks or chips in the windscreen that may impair the driver’s vision. Also check that the rear-view mirror is secure and not cracked. Our MOT garage near Carterton follows DVSA recommendations on these components.

  • Check the driver’s seat is secure, the seatbelts are undamaged and work, and that the dashboard lights all work. Also check that the horn works, one of the more fun parts of MOT preparation for our valued Carterton customers!

  • Clean your car ahead of visiting our workshop. Our MOT garage technicians are understanding people, but testers can refuse to carry out testing if your car is too dirty. Give it a good scrub, inside and out.

  • Watch and learn. Our MOT tests are carried out “while you wait”, and our MOT garage mechanics are happy for Carterton motorists to observe their work from a dedicated viewing area. You might pick up a few tips at our car garage for next time.

  • Read the comments. Whether your car passes or fails, you may receive some advisory notices which will require your attention for future MOT preparation. Our car garage experts can even help you rectify these.



Don’t wait until the last minute. Our garage services are available to motorists from all areas in and around Carterton between 8:30am and 5:30pm every weekday, and Saturday mornings. Keep in mind that if you’re in the Carterton area and your MOT is coming up, you can submit your car for testing up to one month before the old certificate runs out.


Come to Mac’s Garage (Witney) Ltd for your next MOT. Based in nearby Witney, Mac’s has been the MOT garage of choice for Carterton residents for 40 years.


To book a test, call our Carterton car garage on 01993 772136. Although an MOT test can be nerve-racking, you can rest assured that you’re in a safe pair of hands with Mac’s Garage.