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Dent Repairs in Witney, Carterton and the Surrounding Oxfordshire Area

Growth inside the trade has now made how you have dent repairs undertaken a choice. Until a decade or so ago, car owners would have to take their car to a traditional bodyshop for repairs. Today, because of SMART repair technology and the advent of paintless dent repair techniques, it is possible to have damage restored without having to visit a bodyshop at all. You may even know of SMART repairers in your area.

At Mac’s Garage, we feel that motorists in the Witney, Carterton and Oxfordshire areas should still use a workshop if they want dent repairs completed to a professional standard.

This isn’t to say that SMART and paintless dent repairs don’t have their place in the trade because they most definitely do, and we even use them ourselves. It’s just that we believe the standard of these repairs will be much higher when performed in a bodyshop with professional facilities than they are when undertaken in a garden or on the roadside. Mac’s Garage is an established company with a modern workshop that combines mechanical, dent, paint and crash repairs.

There are several things we have to factor in before deciding on which way our technicians will repair your dent:

We use traditional dent repairs to resolve major impact damage but, for smaller impressions, we try to use SMART and paintless dent repair technology first. These methods save on costs, reduce the amount of material needed to do the job, and cut down on the release of volatile organic compounds.

This reassures our Witney, Carterton and Oxfordshire customers that we do whatever we can to protect the environment.

Traditional Dent Repairs

For larger dents caused by major impact and accidents, we consider replacing the panel entirely if we can’t perform an economical repair. With the resources we have at our disposal, however, this is rare. Typically, we strip the panel down to gain access to the rear of the damage, and we then use hand tools, like dollies and flips, to beat most of the dent out.

We use coarse metal files to even out high spots and, where required, a minimal amount of compatible body filler to produce a perfectly flat surface that’s ready for refinishing.

SMART and Paintless Dent Repairs

With smaller dent repairs, we use small to medium area repair technology (SMART) to address the damage. Paintless dent removal is a system we use on the cars of Witney, Carterton and Oxfordshire motorists when the impression is of a small size and the impact hasn’t broken through the paintwork. We use rods to ease the dent out of the panel from the rear.

On small dents with minor damage to the paintwork, we can use SMART materials to blend out paint across the affected area without having to refinish the entire surface of the panel. With plastics, we can perform panel, trim and bumper repairs to a high standard using both of the above methods.

Call 01993 772136 to arrange a quotation. We perform dent repairs for motorists in Witney, Carterton and all locations in the Oxfordshire area.

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