Keeping You Safely On the Road With Our Car Servicing & Car Repairs in Burford | Mac’s Garage

Mac’s Garage is situated right on Burford Road in Witney, Oxfordshire. This means we’re just a short drive from the town of Burford, and receive a lot of custom from this area. What do people visit us for? Everything from car repairs and car servicing, to MOT testing, vehicle diagnostics, and more niche services such as DPF cleaning and car body repairs.

Below, we’ve looked to answer some common questions regarding these services in a brief FAQ. If you have a different query, or wish to book in an appointment at our fully equipped garage, call 01993 772 136 at your earliest convenience.

Burford Clients’ Questions Answered

How often should I be investing in car servicing?

Most manufacturers are in agreement that interim car servicing every 6,000 miles or 6 months, and full annual car servicing every 12,000 miles or 12 months, are vital in maintaining vehicular health and performance. We handle both forms of car servicing on behalf of Burford motorists.

What steps can I take to improve the chance of passing MOT testing first time?

Keep on top of your car servicing history, deal with any issues that arrive via prompt and professional vehicle diagnostics and car repairs, and if you’re really concerned, invest in MOT prep prior to the MOT testing itself. For more information on this, contact our Burford Road garage.

What vehicle diagnostics techniques do your mechanics employ?

Alongside traditional “under the bonnet” investigative techniques, we use high-tech ECU readers which extract fault codes from your vehicle’s on-board computer. This significantly speeds up vehicle diagnostics, and allows our technicians to provide fast and effective car repairs.

When might be important to invest in DPF cleaning, and why?

Diesel particulate filters self-cleanse, but only when travelling at uninterrupted high speeds; this makes automatic regeneration, as the process is often referred to, difficult for suburban / urban drivers around Burford. If your DPF light illuminates, it may be clogged and require manual DPF cleaning at our garage. This keeps it working properly, and your emissions under the legal limit.

My vehicle is badly damaged follow an accident. How can you help?

Alongside mechanical car repairs to restore working components back to health, we carry out car body repairs. We’re equally capable of buffing out minor scratches and dents, as we are dealing with serious damage to the bodywork. We handle car body repairs meticulously, colour matching to ensure the damage is barely, if at all noticeable!

For car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing at a reputable garage – visit ours on Burford Road. To book an appointment, call 01993 772 136.