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Bumper Repairs in Carterton and Oxfordshire from the Friendly Workshop in Witney

Because the manufacturer uses one of several types of plastic to make the bumper on your car, it sustains damage a little differently to a metal panel. Whereas a door or a wing might dent, heavy impact to a plastic panel could cause cracks or splits. This means we rarely perform bumper repairs in the same way we’d repair other parts of your car. Indeed, there are several different ways we look at bumper damage.

Mac’s Garage, in Witney, performs bumper repairs for customers in Carterton and all surrounding Oxfordshire areas. We also take on accident, crash and car body repairs.

Based on the extent of the damage, we might recommend that you replace the bumper with a new one. Our company has good relationships with suppliers in the local area and we can usually source original or OEM parts for immediate delivery. In some cases, based on who manufactured your car, the bumper could even arrive at our workshop already painted.

This means all we have to do is to fit it.

If we can repair the bumper, there are two options we have available. The first is a traditional repair where we remove the panel from your car, strip the parts from it, fix the damage and paint in a traditional manner. The second option is to use SMART technology. These are smaller bumper repairs where we localise the work to the immediate area of damage.

SMART repairs offer a range of benefits for our many customers in the Witney, Carterton and Oxfordshire areas:

The SMART repair sector has a wealth of materials available which help us to produce bumper repairs of a superior standard. We stock plastic repair systems and use low VOC paints, keeping the work contained to a small radius of the damage. Our technicians rarely need to blend into adjacent panels because localised repairs achieve a good colour match.

Should you need a more traditional service, we can still repair bumpers using techniques you might be more familiar with. We’ll always base the decision between bumper repairs and replacements on how economical we can make the work.

Because we have experience in crash repairs too, and because road traffic accidents often result in damage to bumpers, Mac’s Garage has the systems needed to provide its Witney, Carterton and Oxfordshire customers with a complete service range. For all mechanical and body-related issues, big or small, we are the local team to trust with your car or LCV.

Call 01993 772136 to arrange a quotation. We perform bumper repairs for motorists in Witney, Carterton and all locations in the Oxfordshire area.

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